REM – Philips XL30 ESEM


Backscattered Electron Detector (BSE)
Control Pressure Mode and WET-Mode up to 10 Torr
Energydispersive X-Raymicroanalysis EDX: EDAX Genesis 6.0 & Team

Modified by RemX GmbH, Adresse: Silberhölle 7, 76646 Bruchsal, Deutschland, Telefon: +49 7251 308397

Cryo Preparation Unit Gatan Alto 2500
Nitrogen cold stage (-185°C to +50°C) and interface to SEM stage
Nitrogen ‚heat exchange‘ dewar and gas feedthroughs to SEM chamber
Ball valve incorporating microswitches plus mechanical interlock and interface to SEM chamber
High vacuum cryo preparation chamber, with integral nitrogen dewar, sample platform and variable temperature facility (-185°C to +100 C)
Cold knife fracturing device
Binocular viewer, x10 and x20 magnification
Cold Magnetron sputter source for high resolution sputter coating
Turbomolecular pump system for cryo preparation chamber
Keypad control unit for vacuum
‚2-pot‘ freezing station for producing nitrogen slush and loading pre-frozen samples
Self pressurising N2 dewar with gas flow regulator for cooling SEM cold stage and gas purging

DISS5 Software from REM-X GmbH

Location: Pharmazentrum (PZ U 1002)