“We provide the best imaging service.”

Dr. Markus Dürrenberger, head of the Nano Imaging Lab


Image of an T4 phage taken with an transmission electron.

Image of an T4 phage taken with an transmission electron.

The Nano Imaging Lab (NI Lab) is fitted with various scanning electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscopes (TEM), and atomic force microscopes (AFM). It also features focused ion beam technology, confocal microscopes, and various forms of spectroscopic analysis.

The NI Lab team performs every stage of sample processing, right through to the final image. If you wish to use the NI Lab’s services on a regular basis, you can also use the devices yourself under expert instruction. Students familiarize themselves with the devices in the NI Lab during block courses or as part of their project work or Master’s thesis, learning how to apply different forms of microscopy to practical situations.

If you are interested in our services, more information can be found in our  flyer, in a report in SNI update and at https://nanoimaging.unibas.ch.


More about the NI Lab team can be found under portraits.

The NI Lab team offers excellent services.



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