«Professors funded by the SNI contribute significantly to our scientific successes.»

Professor Christian Schönenberger, former SNI director

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute has supported the two Argovia professors Roderick Lim and Martino Poggio since they began working at the SNI. Roderick Lim focuses on nuclear pore complexes in biological membranes in order to study how metabolic transport between the nucleus and the cytoplasma functions. Martino Poggio and his team conduct research into nanomagnetism and nanomechanics. Among other topics, he studies nano wires and their application as multifunctional sensors.

The SNI also supports the three titular professors Thomas Jung, Michel Kenzelmann, and Frithjof Nolting. All three teach in the Department of Physics at the University of Basel and lead research groups at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI). Thomas Jung is also responsible for the Nanolab in the Department of Physics at the University of Basel.


Titular professor Thomas Jung
Titular professor Michel Kenzelmann
Titular professor Frithjof Nolting