Started in 2022

P2101 A planar nanofabrication process for coupled Schrödinger-cat qubits in parametrically-driven nonlinear superconducting resonators (pdf)

P2102 Structure and Assembly Mechanism of the Ninjurin-1 Membrane Perforation Pore in Executing Cell Death (pdf)

P2103 Goldnanoparticle assemblies for SERS based detection of EGFR expressing ovarian cancer cells in tumor xenografts (pdf)

P2104 Methods to understand the role of ordered waters and disordered residues in enzyme catalysis using macromolecular crystallography at physiological temperatures (pdf)

P2105 Ferromagnetism of mobile electrons in a two dimensional semiconductor (pdf)

P2106 Innovative Catalytic Strategies to Combat Cancer (pdf)

P2107 High-sensitive torque magnetometry for 2D materials