Started in 2018

Dr. Mehdi Ramezani
P1701 van der Waals 2D semiconductor nanostructures with superconducting contacts (pdf)

Dr. Thomas Mortelmans
P1702 Single organelle size sorting by a nanofluidic device (pdf)

Joanan López Morales
P1704 Directed evolution of novel affinity proteins for biomedical applications (pdf)

Eirini Rousounelou 
P1705 Genetic selection of nanocatalysts (pdf)

David Jäger
P1706 Ultrasensitive Force Microscopy and Cavity Optomechanics using Nanowire Cantilevers (pdf)

Lukas Sponfeldner
P1707 Nano-photonics with van der Waals heterostructures (pdf)