Started in 2015

Dr. Claudio Schmidli
Targeted single cell proteomics using magnetic nanoparticles to study prion-like spreading of amyloid nanoparticles. (pdf)
Dr. Wojciech Szmyt
Lightweight structures based on hierarchical composites. (pdf)
Dr. Jonas Schätti
Tailor-Made Proteins and Peptides for Quantum Interference Experiments. (pdf)

Dr. Christina Zelmer
Selective Transport of Functionalized Nanocarriers into Biomimetic and Natural Nuclear Pore Complexes. (pdf)

Dr. Marietta Batzer
Surface-Functionalization of diamond nano-magnetometers for applications in nano- and lifesciences. (pdf)

Dr. Svenja Neumann
Charge Transfer versus Charge Transport in Molecular Systems. (pdf)

Dr. Panagiotis Fountas
Coupling a single ion to a nanomechanical oscillator. (pdf)

Dr. Mirko Rehmann
Clean Zigzag and Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons. (pdf)