«In the SNI PhD School, we get an excellent scientific education, learn how to work in interdisciplinary and international teams, and to think in a joined-up way.»

Nora Sauter, former PhD student at the SNI PhD School


Apply now for new projects

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) at the University of Basel invites highly motivated young scientists to apply for the seven new PhD positions in the SNI PhD program. The available positions cover a wide variety of topics, including cutting edge quantum physics and chemistry, material science, nanotechnology, biochemistry, cell biology, or nanomedicine. 

The successful candidates will join an attractive research program together with the >30 currently supported scientists.

Please apply early, since the decision by the main investigator to fill the vacancy can be taken any time in the process.


New PhD School Projects

Nr Title Principal Investigator (PI) Co-PI
P2101 A planar nanofabrication process for coupled Schrödinger-cat qubits in parametrically-driven nonlinear superconducting resonators
(project description)
Alexander Grimm
(Paul Scherrer Institute)
Christoph Bruder
(University of Basel)
P2102 Structure and Assembly Mechanism of the Ninjurin-1 Membrane Perforation Pore in Executing Cell Death
(project description)
Sebastian Hiller
(University of Basel)
Daniel Müller
P2103 Goldnanoparticle assemblies for SERS based detection of EGFR expressing ovarian cancer cells in tumor xenografts
(project description)
Sina Saxer
(FHNW Muttenz)
Viola Heinzelmann (University of Basel)
P2104 Methods to understand the role of ordered waters and disordered residues in enzyme catalysis using macromolecular crystallography at physiological temperatures
(project description)
Florian Peter Seebeck
(University of Basel)
John H. Beale
(Paul Scherrer Institute)
P2105 Ferromagnetism of mobile electrons in a two dimensional semiconductor Richard Warburton
(University of Basel)
Martino Poggio
(University of Basel)
P2106 Innovative Catalytic Strategies to Combat Cancer
(project description)
Thomas R. Ward (University of Basel)
Melpomeni Fani
(Uni Spital / University of Basel)
P2107 High-sensitive torque magnetometry for 2D materials
(project description)
(candidate already selected)
Ilaria Zardo
(University of Basel)
Martino Poggio (University of Basel)


The SNI PhD School

In 2012, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute founded a PhD School to promote the education of young researchers in the nanosciences. The research activities address the cutting edge scientific and interdisciplinary approach of nanoscience and technology and root in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.

Each doctoral student is supervised by two scientists from the interdisciplinary SNI network and belongs to the successful SNI PhD School. Within this network, scientific exchange and networking is of great importance. All PhD student participate in these meetings of the network as well as in their Winter School and several courses that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the doctoral students.

The PhD School is highly international. Currently, PhD students from 15 different countries are enrolled.


Timeline 2021/2022:

May 31, 2021

Deadline for project proposal submission to Claudia.Wirth@unibas.ch

June ‒ July

Review process

approx. Mid August

Information about acceptance

August ‒ Dec.

Search for candidates, interviews and hiring

Dec. 31, 2021

Deadline for applications to PhD positions

Jan. 1, 2022

Earliest project start



Nano-Tech Apéro
26 October 2021

Rhetorik Workshop
18 – 19 November 2021

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