«In the SNI PhD School, we get an excellent scientific education, learn how to work in interdisciplinary teams, and to think in a joined-up way.»

Nora Sauter, PhD student at the SNI PhD School

In 2012, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute founded a PhD School to promote the education of young researchers in the nanosciences. The research activities address the cutting edge scientific and interdisciplinary approach of nanoscience and technology and root in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering.

By the end of 2016, 38 doctoral students from 15 different countries were enrolled in the SNI PhD School. Each is supervised by two scientists from the SNI network. For over half of the current projects, the supervising researchers have their background in different classical disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology, and they work in different departments of the University of Basel or at partner institutions of the SNI network.

Once a year, a call for new projects is launched. An interdisciplinary panel of experts selects the new projects.


You can still apply for three of the new PhD projects: 

P1707 Nano-photonics with van der Waals heterostructures (Warburton/Zardo)

You are interested and would like to apply? Please send your application directly to the PI. 


deadline for applications:   31 December, 2017
earliest project start: 1 January, 2017
rejection letters to all applicants on BIPED with low or no grades:  1 February, 2018
absolute deadline for project start:                                                    December 2018




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February 20, 2018

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September 13-14, 2018
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