List of all Argovia-projects at the SNI, started in 2011.

Project Project Leader Collaborators
A6.8 BioMMA Biomimimetic membranes designed from supported amphiphlic block copolymers and aquaporins as new materials for envrionmental applications O. Glaied (FHNW) W. Meier (Uni Basel), T. Wintgens (FHNW), G. Bou-Habib (MMS AG Membrane Systems, Urdorf; ZH)
A6.10 Ghost Image Personalisiertes Bildrelief für Ausweiskarten J. Gobrecht (PSI) M. Kristiansen (FHNW Windisch), B. Lüscher (FHNW Windisch), C. Sailer (Trüb AG, Aarau; AG)
A6.11 Nanocool Nanostructured water retaining functional textiles for control of skin temperature in medical applications U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) W. Meier (Uni Basel), J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Height (HeiQ Materials AG, Bad Zurzach; AG), M. Hess (UNICO swiss tex GmbH, Alpnachstad; OW)
A6.12 Nanopol Large-area wire-grid polarizers for display technology Y. Ekinci (PSI) J. Gobrecht (PSI), H. Solak (Eulitha AG, Villigen, AG), M. Kristiansen (INKA; AG)
A6.14 ONADA Optimizing nanoparticle adhesion for dental care applications S. Goedecker (Uni Basel) E. Meyer (Uni Basel), J. Köser (FHNW Muttenz), S. Schweizer (GABA International Ltd., Berikon; BL)
A6.15 STOP Novel security tagging systems for protection against product piracy U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) E. Constable (Uni Basel), C. Housecroft (Uni Basel), J. Gobrecht (PSI), N. Summa (Printcolor Screen Ltd., Berikon; BL)

List of all Argovia projects at the SNI, started in 2010.

Project Project Leader Collaborators
A6.4 HiFi Rep High fidelity mass replication of nanostructures J. Gobrecht (PSI) M. Kristiansen (FHNW Windisch), H. Schift (PSI), Y, Ekinci (PSI), H. Solak (Eulitha AG, Villigen, AG)
A6.5 NAPTIS Nano- and micro-scaled porous surfaces of titanium implants pro-duced by spark-assisted anodizing U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) M. de Wild (FHNW Muttenz), I. Martin (Uni Hospital Basel), F. Schlottig (Thommen Medical Waldenburg; BL), C Jung (KKS Ultraschall, Steinen; UR)
A6.6 Pharmasecure Produktschutz von gecoateten pharmazeuti- schen Tabletten A. Stuck (CSEM Basel) G. Imanidis (FHNW Muttenz), M. Thomann (NANO 4 U AG, Muttenz; BL)
A6.7 VIPs Virus imprinted nanoparticles with applications to dairy production P. Shahgaldian (FHNW Muttenz) P. Corvini (FHNW Muttenz), W. Meier (Uni Basel), G. Bou-Habib (MMS AG Membrane Systems, Urdorf; ZH)

List of all Argovia projects at the SNI, started in 2009.

Project Project Leader Collaborators
A5 D2Gel Controlled release from PVA-hydrogels via polymeric vesicles W. Meier (Uni Basel) U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz), T. Hirth (Biocure GmbH, Rebstein; SG)
A6 DOEMOLD Spritzgussfertigung von selbstzentrierenden diffraktiven optischen Elementen A. Stuck (CSEM Basel) J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Gloor (AWM Moldtech AG, Muri; AG)
A6.3 MANGACAT Flame spray pyrolysis synthesis of manganese oxide nano composite particles U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) E. Constable (Uni Basel), M. height (HEiQ Materials, Bad Zurzach; AG)
A6.13 NanoSol Neuartige Farbstoffe für Solarzellenanostruktur-funktionalisierte Stents E. Meyer (Uni Basel) T. Jung (PSI), H. Hug (DSM, Kaiseraugst; AG)
A6.2 NOBIC Nanostrukturierte Oberflächen zur Sensitivitätssteigerung auf Wellenleiter J. Gobrecht (PSI) C. Holzer (FHNW), G. Marowsky (Laser-Laboratorium, Göttingen; Germany), A. Lieb (Zeptosens, Witterswil; SO)

List of all Argovia projects at the SNI, started in 2008.

Project Project Leader Collaborators
A6.1 DICANS Disposable cantilever sensors for biomedicine B. Müller (Uni Basel) J. Gobrecht (PSI), U. Peiles (FHNW Muttenz), F. Battiston (Concentris AG; BS)
A5 IS-NanoSens Integrateable silicon nanowire sensor platform C. Schönenberger (Uni Basel) U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz), M. Streiff (Sensirion AG, Stäfa; ZH)
A6 NanoPER-SPECT Targeted tumor imaging with radiolabeled peptide nanoparticles R. Schibli (PSI) E. Garcia Garayoa (PSI), U. Aebi (Uni Basel), P. Burkhard (Alpha-O Peptides; BL)
A7 NASTE Nanostruktur-funktionalisierte Stents J. Gobrecht (PSI) G. Dumitru, M. Haussmann (Biotronik AG, Bülach; ZH)

List of all Argovia projects at the SNI, started in 2007.

Project Project Leader Collaborators
A2 Flashcard Abformung von Sicherheitsmerkmalen auf Kunststoffkarten J. Gobrecht (PSI) H. Sigg (FHNW), H. Widmer (Trüb AG, Aarau; AG)
A3 NanoBruch Quantitative Nano-Bruchmechanik zur Untersuchung von Haftung T. Jung (PSI) H. Schift (PSI), E. Meyer (Uni Basel), H. Burkard (HighTec MC AG; AG)
A4 Peptide Biophysical and phamacokinetic analyses of peptide nanoparticles U. Aebi (Uni Basel) G. Imanidis (FHNW Muttenz), P. Burkhard (Alpha_O Peptides; BL)
A5 Polyguide Fabrication of nanostructured planar waveguide sensors in polymers U. Pieles (FHNW Muttenz) J. Gobrecht (PSI), M. Ehrat (Zeptosens, Witterswil; SO)