«The Nano Argovia program offers the unique opportunity to benefit from the experience of our project partners.»

Philipp Gruner, CEO of Medicoat AG (Mägenwil), project partner in several Nano Argovia projects

nanozyme_3 copy

Virus imprinted nano particles (image: P. Shaghaldian, FHNW)

The Nano Argovia program supports innovation and technology transfer for companies in Northwestern Switzerland. It bridges the gap between basic scientific research conducted at the SNI and its industrial applications.

Each Argovia project pairs two academic partners from the SNI network with an industrial company from Northwestern Switzerland. The team first spends one year examining the feasibility of various nanotechnology approaches, which mostly originated from the research conducted at the SNI. An extension for a second year is possible, if data look promising.

Industrial companies that participated in finalized Argovia projects are highly pleased about the outcome of the projects. In a survey, companies confirmed that they would participate in other Argovia projects. Regularly, follow-up projects develop from the joint projects with the SNI network.

Flyer Nano Argovia Program (German)

Argovia Call for Proposals 2017

Applied Projects in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute Basel (SNI) offers funding for projects in applied nanoscience and nanotechnology within the Nano Argovia program.

We invite potential researchers to submit project proposals. For detailed information regarding eligibility, rules, and procedure we refer you to the document Nano Argovia Proposal Rules that can be downloaded from the current webpage.


You will need the following documents for your project application:

Nano Argovia Proposal Rules
Comprehensive rules, procedure details, and information for project applicants. Please read carefully. 

Nano Argovia Project Agreement (1 year)
Nano Argovia Project Agreement ( 2 years)
Contracts for project collaboration (separate forms for 1 year and 2 years) 

Nano Argovia Prolongation Agreement
Contract for extensions of project collaboration

Nano Argovia Budget
Financial Form
To be filled out in full and submitted electronically in .xls format. Please send a signed paper copy by post. 
In case of queries, please refer to the following example: 

Nano Argovia Proposal Template 
The proposal template
To be submitted electronically. 

Nano Argovia Accessory Agreement
Project leaders of accepted Argovia projects can use the model contract for intellectual property questions. 

SNI Membership Regulations
Rules for the SNI membership


Project Proposal Submission

Before you submit your application, please read the rules of procedure carefully to make sure that your project meets the eligibility criteria for funding within the Nano Argovia program. Send both the BudgetArgoviaProject in .xls format and the Proposal Argovi aProject form (in .doc or .pdf format) by email.

The deadline for applications is the 30 September 2017.

Send your complete project proposal to the SNI secretariat: Mail

Swiss Nanoscience Institute Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 82
4056 Basel


For questions concerning the funding policy, reporting, etc., please contact 
Prof. Dr. Christian Schönenberger
Phone: + 41 61 207 36 90

For questions concerning the scientific content, please contact
Prof. Dr. Jens Gobrecht
Phone: + 41 56 310 25 29

For administrative questions, please contact
Claudia A. Wirth 
Phone: + 41 61 207 12 38