«We co-founded Nuomedis because ARTIDIS is a nanotechnological tool that promises to revolutionalize cancer diagnostics in clinics

Professor Roderick Lim, Argovia-Professor and co-founder of Nuomedis 

The Swiss Nanoscience Institute provides wide-ranging support for knowledge and technology transfer between higher education and industry.

In the Argovia program, for example, scientists at academic institutions work closely with industrial partners.

In other cases, however, it makes sense to file patents for innovations and inventions. Setting up a spin-off company can also be a wise option, and some SNI members have already taken this step. Argovia Professor Roderick Lim (University of Basel), for example, has joined forces with close colleagues to set up  Nuomedis AG. The company will market ARTIDIS, an atomic force microscope for cancer analysis. Ralf Schumacher (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW) and his colleagues have founded Mimedis AG, which will produce customized, patient-friendly bone implants and adapters for artificial joints. Georg-H.-Endress-Professor Dr. Patrick Maletinsky and Dr. Matthieu Munsch (University of Basel) are the founders of Qnami, a start-up that develops quantum sensors for nanoscale imaging (portrait of Qnami

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