Studies Programs – General Information

The University of Basel has been offering bachelor/master degree programs in nanosciences since 2002. These programs are one of a kind in Switzerland. From the beginning, the interdisciplinary study of nanosciences combines the three disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology with the world of nanostructures. The courses are offered in the departments of physics, chemistry and mathematics and at the Biocenter.

Start and duration of studies

The bachelor program starts in the fall semester. The master program can be started in the spring or the fall. The duration of studies is six semesters to conclude a Bachelor of Science in Nanosciences degree (180 ECTS) and a further three semesters for the Master of Science in Nanosciences degree (90 ECTS). After that, a dissertation for a doctorate can be done in six semesters.

Course structure and content

The bachelor program in nanosciences is an interdisciplinary program of science studies focusing on structures and phenomena in the nano-range. The language of instruction is German. A foundational, one-year study includes the basics in the disciplines of biology, chemistry, math, and physics and offers a broad introduction to the nanosciences. Knowledge in these disciplines is intensified in a following developmental two-year study. A wide variety of opportunities from which to select directed, individual study are available. The experimental aspects of the nanosciences are implemented in cooperation with the University of Basel, the Paul Scherrer Institute, and the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz. In the master studies in nanosciences a student selects one of the three subjects of molecular biology, chemistry or physics as a subject of focus. He/she must complete a two-month project (10 ECTS) within a research group in this subject as well as master-level work (30 ECTS). Additionally, lectures and seminars in the focus subject (16 ECTS) and in the other subjects (14 ECTS) must be attended. The language of instruction is English. Only students with the degree of “Bachelor of Science in Nanosciences” from our university and who also have 180 credits can enter the “Master of Science in Nanosciences” program. All other applicants must meet the requirements by fulfilling missed lectures and courses in our bachelor program, which means additional chemistry, physics or biology lectures. If the missing credits exceed 10, the bachelor study must be repeated. German is the official language. All comparable courses from previous study programs will be credited to the Bachelor of Science in Nanosciences degree.