General information on the City of Basel

Departement Physik
© Staatskanzlei Basel-Stadt

Basel is situated at the junction of three-nations, Switzerland, France and Germany. Basel is clean and safe, has a picturesque old city that is well-groomed, the Rhine, and cozy park areas. Added to this is a rich selection of restaurants and bars, good shopping opportunities and a vast selection of free-time events. It is a city that offers much in the way of quality of life. Basel is a cultural center in Europe and boasts approximately 40 Museums – some of which enjoy world-wide repute, including the Beyeler Foundation and the art museum, Theater Basel, with its three levels of performances, another 25 small theaters, a musical stage, countless galleries, and numerous concert stages of all sizes. It is a city that hosts pharmaceutical companies, among which are the five largest in the world, and in the shadow of which a life sciences cluster of numerous large companies, start-ups and spin-offs has emerged. Nano- and energy technology have a prominent role. Correspondingly, research and education also rank high. Aside from being rich in scholastic tradition, the university also offers its members a wide variety of sports.