Studying nanosciences


Bachelor’s in Nanosciences

The bachelor’s program generally takes three years to complete and is divided into the introductory level and the advanced level. The initial, one-year introductory level has a clear structured and provides students with the fundamentals of the core natural science subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics as well as an understanding of the key aspects of computer science. The program begins by introducing the different nanoscience research groups at the University of Basel. In the second semester, students visit different companies to explore the potential applications of nanotechnology.

In the following two-year advanced level, students deepen their knowledge of molecular biology, chemistry, and physics through both mandatory lectures and a broad selection of electives. During the third year of the program, students supplement their theoretical education by completing practical projects in the block courses. Based on their academic interests, students choose a total of eight block courses from a broad range of interdisciplinary courses offered by different research groups at the Biozentrum, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics at the University of Basel, and by institutions such as the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the EMPA and the Adolph Merkle Institute (AMI). These courses introduce students to the different methods and applications in various research areas. This lays the foundation to extend knowledge later during master’s studies.

Does this mean that the Bachelor’s in Nanosciences is equivalent to several full degree programs in three different fields of science? No, because students in this program only attend lectures in the individual disciplines that are relevant to careers in nanoscience. In addition, starting in the second year of the program, students choose a personal focal area and select elective lectures accordingly.

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