“The advantage of the Nanoscience program lies in the linkage of a very broad selection of contemporary science disciplines and the applications thereof. While providing a unique insight into completely different mindsets, it simultaneously allows the exploration of common denominators and mediates a wide fundamental understanding of nature. During my undergraduate and graduate studies, I experienced the University of Basel as a progressive center of research and innovation that encourages international mobility and maintains a close partnership with global industrial players.”

Joël de Beer, Masterstudent


General information

Brochure “Studies in Nanosciences” (pdf, 990 kb)

Brochure “Master’s Program in Nanosciences” (pdf, 1.6 Mb)

Mobility portal of the University of Basel

Erasmus information

Uni guide of the University of Basel

Lectures available in the master’s program

Lectures in chemistry and physics (pdf, 95 kb)

Lectures in molecular biology (pdf, 51 kb)

Project proposals

Here you can find some project proposals for Master students (some in German).