«Our videos explain what the SNI actually is, show examples from research, give students a chance to have their say, and provide an impression of SNI events. In addition, we present numerous small experiments
that can easily be carried out at home.”

Dr. Christel Möller, Communications

SNI in general

Welcome to the SNI

International Women’s Day

Swiss Nanoscience Institute – Das Exzellenzzentrum für Nanowissenschaften an der Universität Basel:

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SNI research

Ultrathin semiconductors electrically connected to superconductors

Stretching alters the electronic properties of graphene

International Women’s Day

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SNI events

Outreach-Aktivitäten des Swiss Nanoscience Institute

Nano Tech Apéro 2019

Nanoscience study program




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SNI PhD School

Innovation Workshop for SNI PhD students

Local Manipulation of Spin Domains in a Multiferroic Rashba Semiconductor

RESTRAIN – Reticular Chemistry at Interfaces

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Was ist Dichte


Flüssigkeiten mit unterschiedlichen Dichten


Eine Kerze auf Tauchgang

(Video Anleitung/Erklärung)

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Gewinn des Bundespreises “Jugend forscht”

Music for
atomic force

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