Annual Event 2022 – A short review

Josh Zuber and Ajmal Roshan won the award for the best talks and for the best poster. (Image: C. Möller, SNI)

The Annual Event provided numerous opportunities to interact with each other and to get the latest news on a diverse range of nanoscience projects. (Image: C. Möller, SNI)

A big “thank you” to all our speakers, chairs and participants at the Annual Event 2022 and congratulations to the winners of the Best Talk and Best Poster Awards. 

Josh Zuber from the Quantum Sensing Lab of Prof. Patrick Maletinsky (Department of Physics, University of Basel) reeceiced the best talk award. The prize for the best poster went to Ajmal Roshan, working in the groups of Prof. Patrick Shagaldian (FHNW) and Prof. Jonathan der Roo (Department of Chemistry, University of Basel).

We had three great days full of exciting contributions. There were numerous opportunities for fruitful discussions on diverse topics in nanosciences – ranging from basic  to applied research – that were used by our members.

The SNI’s interdisciplinary network is truly unique and at the annual event, where we always have a mix of contributions by professors, project leaders and PhD students, this becomes obvious year after year.

Some impression of the event