Inauguration of the new TEM/STEM – A highlight for the team of the Nano Imaging Lab and its users

The new TEM/STEM of the NI Lab is already being used in numerous scientific projects, as Marcus Wyss explains in his presentation. (Image: S. Erpel, NI Lab, University of Basel)

In May, the Nano Imaging Lab (NI Lab) presented its new transmission electron microscope (JEM-F200) to the public. The inauguration was a chance for some 30 guests from various departments of the University of Basel, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and the company Sauter to witness the quality and the wide range of applications of the new instrument for themselves.

Following an introduction to the subject matter by SNI Director Professor Christian Schönenberger and the head of the NI Lab, Dr. Markus Dürrenberger, the specifics of the new TEM/STEM were explored in a presentation by Dr. Marcus Wyss, who is responsible for the new instrument at the NI Lab. As well as explaining the advantages offered by the new machine, Wyss also examined the physical, chemical and biological questions that the JEM-F200 is suitable for solving and the projects it has already tackled.

Participants received a detailed explanation of the new TEM/STEM so that they could better understand the applications to which the instrument is particularly suited. (Image: S. Erpel, NI Lab, University of Basel)

The event concluded with a guided tour of the NI Lab’s laboratories before the participants came together for a drinks reception and a chance to engage in further discussions regarding imaging and analysis.

“I find the high resolution images delivered by the new TEM/STEM fascinating, and I’m looking forward to seeing it enter widespread use.”

Professor Christian Schönenberger,
Department of Physics, University of Basel

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