Change at the top – Christian Schönenberger hands over leadership of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute to Martino Poggio

From August 2022, Argovia Professor Martino Poggio from the Department of Physics of the University of Basel will be the new director of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI).

Together with the different boards, Christian Schönenberger has set the direction for how the SNI develops for sixteen years. Now he is handing over the leadership to Martino Poggio. (Image: C. Möller, SNI)

For 16 years, Professor Christian Schönenberger has worked to build up the SNI and turn it into what it is today: the center of excellence for nanosciences and nanotechnology in Northwestern Switzerland. Schönenberger took over as director of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) Nanoscale Science from Professor Hans-Joachim Güntherodt in 2006 and simultaneously became the director of the newly founded Swiss Nanoscience Institute.

Thanks to the support of the Canton of Aargau and the University of Basel, he and his colleagues have succeeded in building up a lively network that not only provides young nanoscientists with excellent and demanding education, but also carries out applied and basic scientific research projects at the highest level.

Some time ago, Christian Schönenberger decided that he would devote the last years of his working life exclusively to research. That time has now come, and he is set to hand over leadership of the SNI to Martino Poggio on 1 August.