Annual Report 2021

It has proven effective to publish the SNI Annual Report in two parts, with the general part providing a concise summary of all SNI activities relating to the network, the nanoscience program, the PhD School, and basic and applied research, as well as services and communication activities over the previous year.

We’ve now made this general part even shorter and clearer so that all interested parties can gain a quick overview of the SNI’s work. In addition, the scientific supplement provides descriptions of progress made in all SNI-funded research projects in the Nano Argovia program and the SNI PhD School.

Annual Report 2021 (English)
Scientific supplement 2021 (English)
Jahresbericht 2021 (German)
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In another new feature this year, we’ve also produced a summary of 2021 in pictures:
Video looking back on 2021 with statements by various SNI members (with German or English subtitles, 7:50 minutes)
Short version (English, 1:50 Minuten)


Swiss NanoConvention 2022

The next Swiss NanoConvention will be held in Fribourg from 5 to 6 July.

The convention is being organized as a face-to-face event and registration is now open. As a member of the SNI, you are entitled to free entry. If you haven’t yet received information about the code, please write to:



More modern and simpler – The new logo of the SNI

From June onward, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute will use its new and improved logo.

Simpler, more modern and with better brand recognition, the SNI logo has been revamped with the help of Basel-based branding agency STUDIO NEO. Professional versions are now available in German and English for various uses.

The new logo alludes to the waves seen on the coat of arms of the Canton of Aargau, as seen in the old version, and the jigsaw piece in the old logo is now incorporated into the SNI lettering. Above all, the descriptor has also been changed to reflect the fact that the SNI has long since outgrown its original status as an initiative to become an established center of excellence for nanosciences in Northwestern Switzerland.

Please use the new logo exclusively from now on. You find the logo on our web page ( We will be delighted to provide you with files if you need other formats (



Other videos

We’ve produced numerous informative videos in recent months. To mark World Quantum Day on 14 April, for example, we asked people on the street and researchers from the SNI network what quanta actually are and what’s so special about them. Video (German with English subtitles):

Other videos demonstrate short, entertaining experiments for the whole family. For example, one video provides instructions for building a Cartesian diver:

Check out the full range of videos from the SNI on our YouTube channel:


Summer activity – UV beads sound alarm

Wouldn’t it be great if kids asked for sunscreen voluntarily and it didn’t take a lot of persuasion every time before putting it on? Maybe our cool UV alert bracelets will help!

We give away and raffle craft sets for UV alert bracelets (while supplies last).
The bracelets feature UV-sensitive beads that change color when exposed to the sun. The bracelets are a reminder that UV rays cause sunburn and skin damage, and that applying sunscreen is an important way to protect against them. In addition, the UV beads can be used to conduct exciting experiments that show where and how strong the UV rays are.

Further information:



Pearl bracelets

Key ring

Skipper knot bracelet

Weaver knot bracelet