The SNI management team and SNI members mourn the loss of Professor Dr. Wolfgang Meier, the SNI Director for the Nanoscience Curriculum at the University of Basel.

Wolfgang Meier passed away much too early on January 25, 2022 in the presence of his family after a long illness.

With him, we are losing an excellent innovative scientist who always came up with new ideas and, above all, was a wonderful person who impressed us with his calmness and composure.

He became a role model for numerous students and young researchers. In his role as director of the Nanoscience Curriculum, he championed the interests of nanoscience students. He made a significant contribution to ensuring that this young study program at the University of Basel has continued to develop for the benefit of students and is now very well established.

In the interdisciplinary SNI network, Wolfgang excellently represented our study program but also the interests of the Department of Chemistry in the SNI management and was engaged with the SNI for many years.

He was always open and supportive to new approaches and questions and was simply a wonderful colleague, supervisor and friend. We will sorely miss him and have fond memories of his friendly, soft-spoken, reliable and endearing manner. Our thoughts are with his family.