SNI INSight December 2021

The winter issue of our electronic magazine SNI INSight is now online.

The first part of this issue of SNI INSight is devoted entirely to enzymes – not the ones we find in the natural world, but the artificial enzymes promising to unlock new avenues for molecular synthesis studied by the research group under Thomas Ward. Then we report how Simone Pengue, a PhD student in the team of Argovia professor Roderick Lim, came to make a film about forgotten data that won the Prix Média Newcomer.

The new scanning transmission electron microscope, which is now being used to carry out different kinds of analyses in the Nano Imaging Lab, also promises to deliver exciting new insights. The SNI not only played a pivotal role in the purchase of this microscope; it was also one of the main sponsors of a scanning electron microscope purchased for the Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur.

For this issue, we also interviewed Heidi and Patrick Potts, two alumni of the nanosciences program, who, after studying and working in different institutions around
the world, have now found themselves back in Basel. These two scientists are the perfect example of how a bachelor’s in the nanosciences can make anything possible.

We also provide further information, for example, who won the Nano Image Award this year. We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback!