Master’s graduation ceremony: A well-deserved celebration

Graduates of the nanosciences program enjoyed a celebratory event to celebrate the completion of their master’s degrees. (Image: K. Schad)

This year, we were finally able to hold an apéro to celebrate the graduation of our master’s nanosciences students from the past two years. In November, the Study Coordination team led by Dr. Anja Car and Simone Chambers invited over 30 master’s graduates to attend a party held at the Wildt’sche Haus.

The trio of musicians from the Patrick Joray Jazz Band set the tone for the event, and Professor Christian Schönenberger presented all 19 graduates in attendance with their degree certificates and a small gift. The winners of the award for best master’s thesis in the nanosciences from the past two years, Anna Leder, Charlotte Kress and Daniel Stähli received an additional commendation from their supervising professors.

Aside from the more formal part of the evening, the graduates, along with their friends and relatives, enjoyed ample opportunity to reflect on their last few years at the University of Basel, socialize and simply savor this fun, festive finale to their studies.

“Anyone who wants to achieve great things needs to have a vision, and to develop that vision, we must have both knowledge and courage as well as a positive mindset. I strongly believe that our graduates are possessed of all three; they are fully equipped with the skills they need for a successful career.”

Dr. Anja Car, Nanoscience Coordinator, Study Coordination team


Description of the award-winning master’s theses:

Charlotte Kress

Anna Leder


Daniel Stähli

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