Hands-on: Public relations returns to public spaces

At the soap weekend in Lenzburg, everything revolved around soap – and activities took on all kinds of forms. (Image: M. Wegmann)

Following an extended break, the SNI’s Outreach team is back to meeting with children and students live and in person. Alongside TecDays, the SNI team primarily focused on the events planned in collaboration with Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg, where team members engaged in experiments and activities designed to spark children’s interest in the natural sciences.

In August, for example, the team participated in the big soap weekend at Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg. SNI Outreach Managers Dr. Kerstin Beyer-Hans and Dr. Michèle Wegmann offered a lively selection of activities related to soap. Soap experiments were also the focus of a workshop for school classes held in mid-November that was developed by the SNI in partnership with the museum. This event was part of Museum Burghalde’s special exhibition on soap, “Saubere Sache,” in which the SNI played an active role. The exhibition is open through 31 December 2021.

SNI will continue its collaboration with Museum Burghalde next year. All participants are eager to begin preparations for the new special exhibition “Wasser – Voller Energie” focused on water and energy.

Science Days took place again this year at Germany’s Europa Park Rust. At the SNI booth, children had the chance to craft artificial microbes that whizzed around with the help of a vibration motor.

At the Science Days, the SNI provided information about bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. All the children were able to design a fantasy bacterium that also moves thanks to a vibration motor. (Image: K. Beyer-Hans, SNI)

The SNI team also created fun presentations on bacteria, fungi and viruses. Many visitors were astounded by the fact that these organisms do more than simply cause trouble for humans – some are even extraordinarily useful.

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