Nano-Tech Apéro 2021

After a short introduction to the work of the SNI and Omya, all participants were given an exciting guided tour of the Omya labs. The company mainly produces calcium carbonate and is researching a wide range of new applications for customers from very different sectors in excellently equipped laboratories.

In the Nano-Argovia project KOKORO, for example, Omya was the industrial partner. They collaborated on the development of an artificial heart in which heart and muscle cells grow on a paper scaffold that can be folded into a stretchable tube using origami techniques.

This project was one of the applied research projects presented at the Nano-Tech Apéro. In addition, all participants were able to get more details about the Nanocompass, UltraNanoGRACO and SiNPFood projects.

Other project leaders summarized their Nano-Argovia projects in short presentations and posters. Finally, there was ample opportunity at the Apéro to discuss the different approaches, to exchange experience and perhaps also to develop new project ideas.