Expanded range of services – News from the Nano Imaging Lab

Marcus Wyss joined the team at the NI Lab in June and is happy to share his expertise with lab clients. (Image: SNI, University of Basel)

For the past few years, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute has been able to provide excellent imaging services thanks to its new Nano Imaging Lab (NI Lab). A new coworker in the NI Lab has helped expand the range of services available to researchers from the industrial sector and academic institutions.

Imaging expert
Dr. Marcus Wyss joined the NI Lab team in June 2021. He studied nanosciences at the University of Basel and worked in the group supervised by Argovia professor Martino Poggio, where he obtained his doctorate in the field of magnetic imaging techniques. Over the past two years, he has been involved in the development of novel sensors for the probe tips of scanning probe microscopes.

The Nano Imaging Lab is proud to welcome Marcus to the team as a specialist for all questions concerning focused ion beam microscopy. Marcus Wyss will be available to advise all future clients on cutting-edge research projects and investigations related to imaging, analysis and sample structures down to the scale of the nanometer. Marcus is also looking forward to sharing his knowledge with others and making science exciting and accessible for many different target audiences.

Beautiful and informative
The NI Lab now offers colorization services for scanning electron microscope images. These color images are not only incredible, eye-catching works of art, but they also help researchers identify subtle structures that are difficult to see in the grayscale originals. There are numerous applications in which combining test results with images increases both the aesthetic and informational value of the data being presented.

For several years, Daniel Mathys has used these techniques to produce breathtaking micro and nanoscale images that help researchers illustrate their scientific findings. Due to health-related concerns, he elected to reduce his workload and now offers this new service together with the other members of the NI Lab team.

Colorized images can often improve the visibility of micro and nanostructures. The NI Lab now offers a new colorization service for grayscale images. (Images: Nano Imaging Lab, University of Basel)


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