At the Swiss NanoConvention Online 2021, our former SNI PhD student Dr. Thomas Karg received the Swiss MNT PhD Award sponsored by IBM Research for his outstanding publication “Light-mediated strong coupling between a mechanical oscillator and atomic spins 1 meter apart“.

Thomas completed his dissertation in the laboratory of Professor Philipp Treutlein at the Department of Physics at the University of Basel and is now working as a PostDoc at IBM.

He was first author of the awarded publication. Together with his colleagues, he observed for the first time strong coupling of a nanomechanical oscillator and an atomic spin ensemble, using a novel approach where the two systems are coupled by light across a macroscopic distance.


One of the three poster prizes at the SNC 2021 was also won by a PhD student from the SNI. Mehdi Ramezani convinced the participants with his poster.



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