Young winner

Alyssa had a lot of fun on several occasions – experimenting, winning, and trying out the iPad.

In spring and summer, the SNI outreach and communication team filmed numerous experiments for children to encourage them to try their hand at experimenting at home. Children, young people and adults were called upon to submit photos and videos of their own attempts in order to inspire as many families as possible to join in. An iPad mini was then raffled off among the entrants.

When the campaign ended in August, the prize went to six-year-old Alyssa, who really enjoyed experimenting and was very excited to win the top prize.

Experiments page of the SNI



“We highly appreciate the Swiss Nanoscience Institute’s series of experiments because it is such a wonderful opportunity to get to know the world of science in a playful way, being at home and using household items.”

Family Heusler (Basel-Stadt)