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Laser loop couples quantum systems over a distance
For the first time, researchers have succeeded in creating strong coupling between quantum systems over a greater distance. They accomplished this with a novel method in which a laser loop connects the systems, enabling nearly lossless exchange of information and strong interaction between them. In the scientific journal Science, the physicists from the University of Basel and University of Hannover reported that the new method opens up new possibilities in quantum networks and quantum sensor technology. Media release

Lossless conduction at the edges
Atomically thin layers of the semimetal tungsten ditelluride conduct electricity losslessly along narrow, one-dimensional channels at the crystal edges. The material is therefore a second-order topological insulator. By obtaining experimental proof of this behavior, physicists from the University of Basel have expanded the pool of candidate materials for topological superconductivity. The findings have been published in the journal Nano Letters. Media release

“Saubere Sache” exhibition opens
On June 9, the «Saubere Sache» special exhibition opened its doors at the Burghalde Museum in Lenzburg. The exhibition is devoted to the fascinating and highly topical world of soap. Further Information


Breast Cancer Diagnostics: Spin-off Artidis announces successful clinical trial
The company Artidis, a University of Basel spin-off, has announced that it developed a test procedure that can detect breast cancer with a very high sensitivity. This is demonstrated by a clinical trial that investigated whether a nanomechanical biomarker of tissue samples is suitable for the diagnosis of breast cancer. Media release


Experiments for the holidays
The summer holidays are just around the corner or may have already begun. But this year, many families will have to change their holiday plans. To avoid boredom at home, ideas for joint activities are needed that will inspire young and old alike. Experiments with household items suitable even for kindergarten and primary school children are a great option.
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Porous nitrogen-doped graphene ribbons for future electronics
A team of physicists and chemists has produced the first porous graphene ribbons in which specific carbon atoms in the crystal lattice are replaced with nitrogen atoms. These ribbons have semiconducting properties that make them attractive for applications in electronics and quantum computing, as reported by researchers from the Universities of Basel, Bern, Lancaster and Warwick in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. Media release


Tiny fish under a giant camera
Metal-based nanoparticles are a promising tool in medicine – as a contrast agent, transporter of active substances, or to thermally kill tumor cells. Up to now, it has been hardly possible to study their distribution inside an organism. Researchers at the University of Basel have used a three-dimensional imaging method to take high-resolution captures inside zebrafish embryos. Media release


ELDICO Scientific scores a hat trick and receives further investor funds
The award-winning Swiss deep-tech start-up ELDICO Scientific beat its Venture Kick competitors for the third time in a row and wins 150,000 Swiss francs. Media release