Experiments for the summer holidays

The summer holidays are just around the corner or have already started. But this year many families will have to change their holiday plans. In order to avoid boredom at home, ideas for joint activities are needed that inspire young and old alike. Experiments that even kindergarten and primary school children can carry out with household items are a good opportunity.

The outreach team of the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) at the University of Basel has described numerous experiments in short videos and instructions that children can carry out themselves without much help. The topics are, for example, magnetism or sound. Liquids that cannot be mixed also lead to astonishing results and experiments with food are also inspiring – at high temperatures, for example, ice cube experiments additionally provide cooling.

The three SNI scientists, who have produced the videos at home over the last few weeks, would like to use the videos to encourage children of different ages to engage in natural science. “Lots of exciting phenomena can be observed in everyday live. Many of them can be investigated using quite simple means,”  physicist Kerstin Beyer-Hans and the two biologists Michèle Wegmann and Christel Möller comment.

The initiators of the project are also looking forward to receiving pictures and videos of experiments that young researchers submit. On September 1st, a raffle for an ipad will take place among all those who submitted photo material.

So before it gets too boring during the holidays, take a look at the SNI website at: