Nano goes to the museum – The SNI cooperates with Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg

For about half a year, the SNI has been working closely with Museum Burghalde in Lenzburg. Initiated by SNI Managing Director Claudia Wirth, a series of meetings were held between the museum’s management and staff from the SNI. “It quickly became clear that the collaboration represented a win-win situation for both parties,” says Claudia Wirth. Museum Burghalde offers an attractive range of content for almost 200 school classes. The museum’s new director, Dr. Marc Philip Seidel, adds: “Through the SNI, we now also have access to expertise in the natural sciences and can make some fantastic additions to our content in the areas of archeology and industrial history.”

Over the past few months, Dr. Kerstin Beyer-Hans and Dr. Christel Möller in particular have been involved in planning the exhibition “Eine saubere Sache”, where everything revolves around the fascinating world of soap. They have recorded videos explaining how soap works and its production from a chemical perspective, and describing how surfaces stay clean in nature without any soap at all. The pair have also developed instructions for small experiments that can be performed at any time in the exhibition’s soap lab, as well as providing the materials for the nano-themed island all about the lotus effect. In addition, there are plans for workshops in which participants not only make bars of soap themselves but can also perform a range of soap-related experiments.

The exhibition was originally supposed to be inaugurated in March and to remain open for a year. As with so many activities, however, it remains unclear when the museum will be permitted to open its doors again. Nevertheless, the topic of hygiene and cleanliness will remain highly topical for the foreseeable future. A visit to the exhibition will always be worthwhile!

Further information

The SNI videos can already be found on the experiments page under “More fascinating phenomena from the world of biology, chemistry and physics.