Experiments and projects

As happy as we are to be spending so much time at home with our families, the current situation undeniably presents us with completely new challenges. Perhaps it is also an opportunity to do things together that we normally struggle to find the time for in our busy lives.

This is why we have started collecting suggestions for projects and experiments that we have done ourselves with (or without) our kids. You can watch them online at https://nanoscience.ch/en/about-us/experiments/.ch/en/2020/04/02/experiments-and-projects/. Most of the ingredients can be found around the home, or you can buy them at the supermarket the next time you go shopping.

The suggestions for would-be experimenters are presented in short videos that last 2 to 4 minutes and are accompanied by simple instructions and explanations. We will keep on adding to the collection regularly.

We would love to hear about your “research findings” and your own favorite experiments, so please send us your photos and videos, and don’t forget to share this information with any friends who might like to join the fun.

Every two weeks, all respondents will be entered into a draw to win a shopping voucher worth 50 Swiss francs. At the end of the campaign – when we’re all back at work, school or kindergarten, hopefully in full health – we will be giving away an iPad. The first draw for a shopping voucher will be held on 10th April.

We hope you have fun with the projects and experiments, and we look forward to receiving your photos, videos and feedback.