Research and “Rüebli”

This year, the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) at the University of Basel, founded by the Canton of Aargau and the University of Basel, for the first time had a booth at the Rüeblimärt in Aarau. The SNI team informed interested visitors about the SNI’s research activities in the field of nanosciences and offered the opportunity to win gummy bears or a ballpoint pen with a wheel of fortune. In addition, children could chromatographically separate colors and craft “geeky” Christmas decoration.

During the Rüeblimärt, there was a rush for the wheel of fortune and great interest in the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and its activities.

“It was great to see how interested people are in our research,” said Dr. Kerstin Beyer-Hans, who supervised the booth together with her colleagues. The SNI’s various brochures, which explain in an easily understandable and well-illustrated way what nanoscience is all about and what the SNI’s priorities are, were gone much faster than expected. Numerous visitors were also interested in the nanoscience study program offered by the University of Basel. In this course, which can be completed with a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, students first get a broad basis in all natural sciences. Only later in their studies, they specialize in the topics they are particularly fascinated in.