A stream of visitors

The children attending the UniKidsCamps and pupils from various schools were not the only visitors to the SNI in recent months – we also hosted the board of directors of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ), which convened in Basel to learn about the SNI and its research activities.

In the laboratories of professors Ernst Meyer, Philipp Treutlein, Martino Poggio and Christian Schönenberger, they were given a first-hand look at the innovative work being done at the SNI and the University of Basel’s Department of Physics.

The directors of the HTZ were highly impressed by the outstanding top-level research being conducted at the SNI and the University of Basel’s Department of  Physics. They were able to form a clear picture of the areas of nanotechnology in which the foundations are being laid for prospective innovations and new materials and structures. Thanks to the SNI’s Nano Argovia program, companies in the Canton of Aargau are able to leverage this expertise again and again. The SNI is the HTZ’s most important partner in the field of nanotechnologies and cutting-edge analysis.”

Dr. Martin Bopp, managing director of the HTZ