Dear colleagues,

In September, SNI members from the Nano Argovia projects, the SNI PhD School, the Nano Imaging Lab, and the management team met at the Annual Event in Lenzerheide to discuss their research. It was already the fifth installment of the event, whose eclectic mix of basic and applied science reflects the diverse and fascinating developments within the nanosciences.

The Annual Event was followed immediately by the start of the fall semester, and we’ve already had the opportunity to welcome new students onto the nanosciences degree program at a meet-and-greet event. This year, Andreas Baumgartner and I are teaching Physics I as part of the nanosciences degree, and I will relish this opportunity to track the students’ progress from the outset. In this issue of SNI update, you too will have the opportunity to find out more about two of our new students.

Now at a more advanced stage of his education, Tino Matter is the winner of the prize for the best master’s thesis in 2017. I had the pleasure of presenting his award at the Annual Event ¬ and you can read about his prizewinning work in this issue of SNI update. Just before the Annual Event, Tino Matter took part in a workshop we had organized for doctoral students at the SNI PhD School. The workshop aimed to teach students how to realize their own strengths and talk about them in a job interview – which can be a very helpful skill, especially at the start of your professional career.

In this SNI update, we also report on two Nano Argovia projects that were approved for 2018. The deadline for the next call for Nano Argovia proposals has now passed, and the assessors will spend the next few weeks evaluating the 24 applications we have received. Those who would like to find out more about the Nano Argovia program are invited to attend the Nano-Tech Apéro at DSM in Kaiseraugst on November 14. This will be an opportunity to learn more about a range of applied Nano Argovia projects and to share experiences.

I look forward to seeing you at the Nano-Tech Apéro and hope you enjoy reading this issue of SNI update.

Kind regards,

Prof. Christian Schönenberger, SNI Director