Apply now for the new PhD School projects

For the year 2019, eight new PhD projects have been approved. Highly motivated young scientists are invited to apply. The successful candidates will join the attractive SNI program that currently supports more than 30 young scientists. (flyer)

Each doctoral student is supervised by two scientists from the interdisciplinary SNI network. Within this network, scientific exchange and networking is of great importance. All PhD student participate in these meetings of the network as well as in their Winter School and several courses that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the doctoral students.

Career event: Meet the Professors
You can learn more about the SNI PhD School and get to know your future colleagues and professors at the career event “Meet the Professors” on October 12, 2018. Starting at 4.30 pm, the project leaders will introduce the new PhD projects and answer your questions over drinks and snacks in the “Neuer Hörsaal 1” of the Physics Department at the University of Basel. To organize the catering, please register here by October 4, 2018. (flyer)

If you have already made your choice, please apply early, since the decision by the main investigators to fill the vacancy can be taken any time in the process.

P1801 – Bioinspired nanoscale drug delivery systems for efficient targeting and safe in vivo application Jörg Huwyler (PI, Univ. Basel), Cornelia Palivan (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1802 – From Schrödinger’s equation to biology: Unsupervised quantum machine learning for directed evolution of anti-adhesive peptides Anatole von Lilienfeld (PI, Univ. Basel), Michael Nash (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1803 – Nanoscale mechanical energy dissipation in quantum systems and 2D-materials Ernst Meyer (PI, Univ Basel), Martino Poggio (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1804 – Picoscopic mass analysis of mammalian cells progressing through the cell cycle Daniel Müller (PI, ETHZ D-BSSE), Wolfgang Meier (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1805 – High-throughput multiplexed microfluidics for antimicrobial drug discovery Erik van Nimwegen (PI, Univ. Basel), Vitaliy Guzenko (Co-PI, PSI)
P1806 – Image the twist! Valerio Scangnoli (PI, PSI), Patrick Maletinsky (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1807 – Andreev Spin Qubit (ASQ) in GeSi Nanowires Christian Schönenberger (PI, Univ. Basel), Floris Braakman (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)
P1808 – Quantum dynamics of an ultracold ion coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator Stefan Willitsch (PI, Univ. Basel), Martino Poggio (Co-PI, Univ. Basel)


Schedule for application process 2018/2019:

deadline for applications:   31 December, 2018
earliest project start: 1 January, 2019
rejection letters to all applicants on BIPED with low or no grades:  1 February, 2019
absolute deadline for project start:                                                  

 December 2019