Valuable information at “SmallTalk”

For the second time, bachelors’ students on the nanosciences program organized the day-long conference “SmallTalk” to tell each other and interested visitors about the block courses they completed last semester. In nineteen short presentations and posters, the students provided background information on the research work of the various teams they became a part of for the duration of the one to three-week block courses. They also shared their own research results and personal experience working at Basel University’s laboratories and the research institutions that are part of the SNI Network. Both presentations and posters were assessed and graded by professors during the conference.

Christian Schönenberger and Wolfgang Meier (left and right) awarded Fabian Oppliger for his excellent presentation on nanolithography.

“This independently planned and executed conference is an excellent opportunity for young researchers to familiarize themselves with an additional aspect of scientific research,” remarked the new coordinator of the nanosciences program, Dr. Anja Car. The students had previously attended a seminar in which they received tips and tricks from experts on how to present scientific content and prepare informative posters.

“This year’s SmallTalk was flawlessly organized, and I was very impressed by the presentations, some of which were outstanding,” commented program director Wolfgang Meier, one of the professors who had offered a block course and who was responsible for assessing the corresponding presentations.