Nano-Tech Apéro in Brugg

 On February 15, more than 40 nanotechnology experts met at BRUGG Flex in Brugg for an interdisciplinary exchange. Organized by the Swiss Nanoscience Institute and the Hightech Zentrum Aargau (HTZ), the event brought scientists from universities and research institutions together with industry representatives to discuss successful SNI applied research projects within the Nano Argovia program. Michael Siegfried from BRUGG lifting AG presented the “MicroSlide” project, which examines how to make flat belts – such as those used in elevators – glide better and wear less. The researchers involved are taking their cue from nature; many animals have special surface structures that promote motion with minimal friction. Philipp Gruner from Medicoat AG also reported on his collaboration with scientists from the SNI network to increase the mechanical stability of bioceramic bone substitutes. The team is using a 3D printing process with a ceramic “nano ink”, which boosts the density of the material during further processing and thus increases the stability of certain areas of the implant. 

The afternoon continued with further talks, a poster exhibition about all ongoing Nano Argovia projects presented by the project leaders, and a tour of the BRUGG showroom. Over 40 participants had plenty of fascinating nanoscience and nanotechnology topics to discuss that are highly relevant to Aargau’s industry and research activities.