50 pizzas for the students

Nanoscience students always emphasize how much they value the supportive atmosphere on their degree program and the close community among students. In November, the SNI management team invited all nano students to its first informal chat over pizza to support networking between students and the SNI management.

“We are delighted that more than 70 students took us up on our offer,” say organizers Claudia Wirth and Christel Möller. “The positive atmosphere was perfect for renewing old contacts and meeting new people.”

The SNI used the event not only for networking, but also to ask the students to support their various campaigns. Each year, nano students help out on the SNI stand at multi-day events such as tunBasel and the Science Days. Ideally, students will also act as ambassadors for the degree program, for example by returning to their former schools to report on their experiences and rousing interest in this unique, challenging program. Attendees were asked to put this into practice right away by making a spontaneous video. Twelve students helped to create a short clip in which they briefly state why they chose to study nanoscience and why they like it.