New projects at the SNI PhD School

The first doctoral students at the SNI’s PhD School have successfully completed their PhDs. As a result, applications for seven new projects have been open to junior researchers since mid-September.

Professors Patrick Maletinsky and Philipp Treutlein of the Department of Physics are offering a project on quantum sensing in nanomechanical systems. Physics professors Richard Warburton and Ilaria Zardo are looking for candidates to research nano-photonics with van der Waals heterostructures. Van der Waals 2D semiconductors with superconducting contacts are the topic of a PhD to be supervised by Dr. Andreas Baumgartner and Professor Christian Schönenberger. Argovia Professor Martino Poggio and Dr. Floris Braakman will supervise a doctoral dissertation on ultrasensitive force microscopy using nanowire cantilevers.

Professors Sven Panke and Petra Dittrich of the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich (D-BSSE) in Basel are offering a project on genetic selection of nanocatalysts alongside Professor Thomas Ward of the Department of Chemistry. Professor Michael Nash (Department of Chemistry) and Professor Sai Reddy (D-BSSE) will supervise a PhD involving the creation of and research into new protease enzymes. Dr. Yasin Ekinci, Dr. Xiao-Dan Li (both of the Paul Scherrer Institute), Professor Henning Stahlberg and Dr. Thomas Braun are offering a PhD project whose aim is to develop a method to quantify the number and size of mitochondria.

Applications for the various projects can be submitted until December 31, 2017 at

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