Busy schedule for visitors from China

Students from Beijing got a taste of life and work in the heart of Europe and an insight into the nanoworld.

In July 2017, the SNI hosted 75 pupils from Beijing. Dr. Kerstin Beyer-Hans had prepared a varied program in which the 13 to 16-year-olds and their chaperones were first of all given a theoretical introduction to nano research at the SNI, followed by two lab tours showcasing the practical work carried out by the nano researchers.

Sandro Sieber of the Department of Physics explained how zebrafish serve as model organisms for research into the use of nanoparticles to administer medicines. Dr. Binlu Huang of the Biozentrum explained how nuclear pore complexes work, while Dilek Yildiz of the Department of Physics talked about his research into friction at the atomic scale. Dr. Markus Dürrenberger, head of the Nano Imaging Lab, captivated the young visitors with his electron microscopy images of the nanoworld, after which Yves Aeschi of the Department of Chemistry discussed his research into molecular muscles. Finally, Marco Martina left the guests in awe with a demonstration involving liquid nitrogen and a visit to the helium liquefaction plant.

The trip to Switzerland and Germany for pupils from Beijing is a yearly event organized by the association Science and Technology e.V., and has repeatedly enjoyed the support of the SNI. The idea is to give the youngsters a taste of life and work in the heart of Europe over the course of a one-week stay.