Dear colleagues

Word will undoubtedly have spread that our director, Professor Christian Schönenberger, sustained a very serious cycling accident in early November. We are happy to announce that he is on the road to recovery, although it will be some time until he is back on his feet. We continue to wish him strength and a speedy recovery, and hope to have him back in our midst as soon as possible.

Shortly before Christian’s accident, we celebrated the SNI’s tenth anniversary together. The celebration was intended to round off an eventful and successful year for the SNI, in which we organized the resoundingly successful Swiss NanoConvention 2016 in Basel and celebrated the award of the Kavli Prize to our Vice- Director Christoph Gerber. The 10th anniversary was also a fitting opportunity to look back at the successes achieved by the SNI so far and thank a number of SNI members – on behalf of so many others – who made it all possible.

A new addition to the SNI this year is the Nano Imaging Lab, combining parts of the former Center for Microscopy Basel with the Nanotech Service Lab. Thanks to the Nano Imaging Lab (or NI Lab for short), the SNI is now able to offer a comprehensive imaging service. Read this edition’s lead story to find out more about the activities of the NI Lab and the people working there.

At the Future Day held in November, the NI Lab and the SNI communications team once again joined forces with the Department of Physics to devise an exciting program for young researchers. As in previous years, the event gave the children of university employees a glimpse into the world of nano research. In line with its goal of arousing interest in scientific research among young people, the SNI was once again involved in the TecDay and TecNight events at Wohlen cantonal high school in early December.

For now, we wish you a pleasant end to the year, a restful festive season with your family and loved ones, and a good start to a healthy and successful new year in which Christian Schönenberger will hopefully be here to greet you himself.

Kind regards,

Andreas Baumgartner, Wolfgang Meier, Christel Möller, Katrein Spieler, Michèle Wegmann, and Claudia Wirth