Another successful Future Day

Once again this year, the SNI was involved in the Future Day held on 9 November to give children and young people a playful introduction to research in the natural sciences. In collaboration with the Department of Physics, Dr. Michèle Wegmann prepared a varied program on the topic of energy. Dr. Thilo Glatzel kicked things off with a presentation and a series of experiments demonstrating different forms of energy generation. Dr. Reimann then took the 20 children on a tour of some of the laboratories and workshops to give them an idea of where the employees of the Department of Physics work.  Finally, it was time for some hands-on action, and with the help of the workshops and the SNI the young researchers built a solar flower and a wind turbine from PET bottles and soldered together an electronic game.

Another group of enthusiastic children were given a tour of the nanoworld by the members of the SNI’s Nano Imaging Lab. After learning about different types of microscope they had the chance to use some themselves, and were given photos of what they had seen to take home as a souvenir.