A memorable anniversary

On 28 October, the SNI’s 10th anniversary was celebrated by SNI members and numerous guests who have supported the Institute over the years or who played a key role in its foundation. Some 150 attendees gathered in Gundeldinger Feld’s Hall 7 to toast the anniversary, catch up with contacts and enjoy the varied entertainment program. Stefan Verra got the party started with an energetic and humorous demonstration of how body language can affect our perception. In a performance perfectly pitched to his audience, he used numerous examples backed up by scientific research to show just how entertaining the presentation of scientific findings can be. Slammers Kishan Thodkar and Meropi Karakioulaki carried on in the same vein, with a lively and accessible presentation of their research pared down to just a few minutes.

Things got even louder when Argovia-Professor Roderick Lim and his Postdoc Philipp Oertle used an amplifier to combine the sound of an atomic force microscope with that of an electric guitar. The members of the band Barbie Q, tasked with the evening’s musical accompaniment, had no choice but to spontaneously play along. Before Barbie Q got the dancing underway, SNI Director Professor Christian Schönenberger paid tribute to some of those present. Professor Andreas Engel and Dr. Alexander Hofmann were distinguished for their support of the SNI as honorary members. Christian Schönenberger then called several long-standing SNI members onto the stage to represent the many others who have been instrumental to the Institute’s success, and told some amusing anecdotes from the SNI’s short history. Helped along by the fine music and high spirits of all present, the festivities went on until midnight in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Alexander Hofmann, who played a major role in the foundation of the SNI in 2006 in his capacity as head of the Department for Higher Education and Sport of the canton of Aargau, was among the guests of the highly enjoyable event: “It was wonderful to experience the SNI’s friendly atmosphere. Students were mingling with professors and the director himself, chatting and celebrating together – that’s not always the way things are, and it is a testament to the SNI’s great internal culture.