A birthday party packed with science

On September 9, about 80 associates of the SNI’s director, Christian Schönenberger, met for a colloquium to celebrate his 60th birthday. They talked about the early days of the Schönenberger group more than 20 years ago and the trips the team made into the Swiss Alps. However, the main focus was on the research that Christian Schönenberger’s current and former colleagues are currently engaged in.

Audience members who are now working in other fields of research or who have left research completely had some difficulties following eveything; however, Christian Schönenberger was completely in his element. He entered into animated discussions about quantum dots, spins, entanglement, nanowires and Kondo systems with the eight speakers and the other guests who had made the trip from all over Switzerland, Holland, France and Germany. During breaks and at the evening barbecue, there was still plenty of time left over for everyone to reminisce about old times and make new plans.