Zusammenarbeit mit der Industrie

Seit 2007 unterstützt das Nano-Argovia-Programm des SNI angewandte Forschungsprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit Firmen aus der Nordwestschweiz. Die aufgezählten Firmen waren bisher Partner bei diesen Projekten. 

Kurze Beschreibungen der Nano-Argovia-Projekte finden Sie unter:  https://nanoscience.ch/en/research/applied-research/.



ABB Switzerland Ltd, Baden, AG

Acthera Therapeutics AG, Basel, BS

Alpha-O Peptides, Riehen, BS 

Aigys AG, AG


Atesos Medical AG, Aarau, AG

AWM Moldtech AG, Muri, AG

BASF Schweiz AG, Basel, BS

Biocure GmbH, ZH

Biotronik AG, Bülach; ZH

Brugg Cables AG, Brugg, AG

Cellpack AG Packaging, Villmergen, AG

Chematest, R. Dubuis & Co., Ipsach, AG

CIS Pharma AG, Bubendorf, BL

Concentric AG, Basel, BS 

Credentis AG, Windisch, AG

Dectris Ltd., Baden-Daettwil, AG

DePuy Synthes GmbH, BL

DSM Nutritional Products Ltd., Kaiseraugust, AG 

Endress+Hauser Flowtec AG, Reinach, BL

Eulitha AG, Kirchdorf, AG

FGen GmbH, Basel, BS

GABA International Ltd., Berikon; BL

Gemalto AG, Aarau, AG

GratXray AG, Villigen, AG

Hager & Meisinger GmbH, Neuss; Germany

HeiQ Materials, Schlieren, ZH

Heptagon Advanced Micro Optics, Rüschlikon, ZH

HighTec MC AG, Lenzburg, AG

Hoffmann-La Roche, BS

Huntsman, Basel, BS

INOFEA AG, Muttenz, BL

Institut Straumann AG, Basel, BS

InterAx Biotech AG, Villigen, AG

Jakob Härdi AG, Oberenetfelden, AG

Klinger AG, Egliswil, AG

KKS Ultraschall, SZ

Laser-Laboratorium, Göttingen; Germany

leadXpro, Villigen, AG

Medicoat AG, Mägenwil, AG

Memo Therapeutics AG, Schlieren, ZH

Mems AG, Birmenstorf, AG

Menhir Photonics, Basel, BS

MMS AG Membrane Systems, Urdorf, ZH

NANO 4 U AG, Sarnen, OW

Omya International AG,  Oftringen, AG

Orchid Orthopedics Switzerland GmbH, Baden-Dättwil, AG

Printcolor Screen Ltd., Berikon; BL

QNAMI, Muttenz, BL

RadLab AG, Killwangen, AG

Rolic Technologies Ltd., Allschwil, BL

RPD Tools AG, Birsfelden; BL

Sensirion AG, Stäfa, ZH

SKAN AG, Allschwil, BL

TargImmune Therapeutics, Basel, BS

Thommen Medical Waldenburg, BL

Trüb AG, Aarau; AG

UNICO swiss tex GmbH, Alpnachstad, OW

Walter MÄDER AG, Kilwangen, AG

Zeptosens, Witterswil, SO

«We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. Excellent results published in respected journals are our best form of advertising.»

Dr. Sacha De Carlo, Business Development Manager, Dectris AG (Baden-Dättwil, AG)


«Nano Argovia projects bring together experts from various research institutions and specialists from companies in the region. Our Nano Argovia project, SCeNa, has laid the foundations for follow-on projects and played a major role in advancing the analysis of individual cells.”»

Nano Argovia SCeNa project team, who built a platform to analyze individual cells in a cell composite

«By participating in the Nano Argovia project NanoTough, we are expanding our knowledge of new composite materials and hope to further consolidate our leading position in this area.»

Dr. Alessandro Napoli, Global Technology Manager, Huntsman Advanced Materials GmbH (Basel)


«The Nano Argovia Nanox project helped to create a new, innovative product. In the jointly developed ceramic composite catalyst, metallic nanoparticles work on the surface to efficiently catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide vapor into oxygen and hydrogen»

Olivera Scheuber, Technical Production Manager at Skan AG (Allschwil) and industry partner in the Nano Argovia Nanox project

Patrick Shahgaldian

«In our Nano Argovia NANOzyme project, we tested a new approach to developing nano biocatalysts. The expertise of our project partners was the perfect addition. The results contributed to the filing of a patent.»

Professor Patrick Shahgaldian, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and project leader for the Nano Argovia NANOzyme project.


«In the successful Nano Argovia SurfFlow project, we developed a new method for smoothing out 3D structures without making contact. This allowed us to reduce the roughness of polymer microlenses to meet the requirements for optical applications.»

Dr. Helmut Schift, Paul Scherrer Institute and project leader for the Nano Argovia SurfFlow project