Nano Image Award

Nano Image Award 2020

Inka Mask Fhnw1

INKA Maske
Konfokales Laser-Scanning-Mikroskopie-Bild eines Lacks auf einer PET-Folie, abgeformt von einer laserstrukturierten Stahlvorlage Maßstab: 280 µm x 210 µm x 16 µm
Das Bild ist das Ergebnis einer Zusammenarbeit zwischen der ALPS (Berner Fachhochschule) und INKA, FHNW
Dr. Laurent Feuz
Institut für Nanotechnische Kunststoffanwendungen (INKA), FHNW

Nano Image Award 2019


Not really Nano but still very small and extremly attractive: a tiny snail from the genus Neogastropoda
Daniel Mathys, Nano Imaging Lab, Swiss Nanoscience Institute, University of Basel

Nano Image Award 2018

Tulips In Love

Tulips in love
Scanning electron microscopic image of a silicon grating. This X-ray grating was realized by using metal assisted chemical etching within the Nano Argovia Project NANOCREATE.
- Lucia Romano ETH-Zürich & Paul Scherrer Institut

Nano Image Award 2017

Schaumstoff Klein

Corinne Mattle, Student: REM-image taken during the block course at the Nano Imaging Lab.

Nano Image Award 2016


Marietta Batzer, Dominik Rohner (Physics Department, University of Basel) Winter landscape. Diamond surface after etching with a plasma (rectangular paddles can be broken out and used as samles)


Nano Image Award 2015


Elise Aeby Droplets on a microfuidic device (30 mm).

Nano Image Award 2014

VIPs Kopie-500_667

Virus-imprinted nanoparticles, Patrick Shahgaldian (FHNW), colorised by Martin Oeggerli ( It is a color SEM micrograph of our virus-imprinted nanoparticles

Nano Image Award 2010


Patrick Biro Silicon oxide micro cages for cells

Nano Image Award 2010


Jérôme Wiss Picture taken with STM at room temperature. It shows a hexagonal assembly of a porphyrin (called TV151) on Ag111. The picture has dimensions of 14.8nm*14.8nm. The pores are filled also with TV151 that is probably rotating in the pores

Internal Nanopic Award 2005