2014 begonnen

Dr. Dilek Yildiz
Energy dissipation over structural and electronic phase transitions (pdf)

Dr. Nora Sauter
Probing the initial steps of bacterial biofilm formation: dynamic and molecular principles of surface-based cell motility and mechanosensation (pdf)

Dr.Yves Aeschi
Assembly and investigation of electrochemically triggered molecular muscles (pdf)

Dr. Nadia Linda Opara
Towards X-FEL based dynamic studies on 2D and 3D nanocrystals of membrane proteins on solid supports (pdf)

Daniel Gonçalves
Slow-release nano-pills for mosquitoes for interrupting malaria transmission (pdf)

Dr. Jan Overbeck
Optoelectronic nanojunctions (pdf)

Dr. Mina Moradi
Supramolecular charge and spin architectures produced by chemical clipping (pdf)

Dr. Thomas Karg
Cooling and control of a nanomechanical membrane with cold atoms (pdf)
Dr. Deepika Sharma 
Plasmonic Sensing in Biomimetic Nanopores (pdf)