2013 begonnen

Dr. Stefan Arnold
Nanoliter sample preparation for electron microscopy and single-cell analysis (pdf)

Dr. Michael Gerspach
Nanofluidic devices for biomolecules (pdf)

Dr. Thomas Nijs
On surface covalent assembly of coordination polymers with integrated read and write functions (pdf)

Dr. Jan Nowakowski
Site-specific magnetic studies and control of large self-assembled spin systems (pdf)

Dr. Yusuke Suakiyama
Watching the nanomachinery of the nuclear pore complex at work by high speed-AFM (pdf)

Dr. Arne Barfuss
Nanomechanical oscillators for diamond spin-optomechanics (pdf)

Dr. Roland Goers
Design of a polymer membrane-based molecular “hoover” (pdf)

Dr. Matthias Schulzendorf
Ultra-sensitive force detection and molecular manipulation (pdf)

Dr. Tomaž Einfalt
Design of polymer nanoreactors with triggered activity (pdf)

Dr. Davide Cadeddu
Bottom-up nanowires as ultra-sensitive force transducers (pdf)

Dr. Clevin Handschin
Quantum transport in encapsulated graphene p-n junctions (pdf)

Dr. Daniel Riedel
Engineering of the photonic environment of single NV centers in diamond (pdf)

Dr. Sascha Keller
Artificial Metalloenzymes for Molecular Nanofactories (pdf)

Dr. Ian Rouse
An ion-atom hybrid trap on a chip: synthesis and control of nanosystems on the single-molecule level (pdf)

Dr. Mario Palma
Nanostructure Quantum Transport at Microkelvin Temperatures (pdf)