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Ramón Lortzing MartÍnez
P2001 Imaging Cardiovascular Macro- and Micro-structure Using HfO2 Nanocrystals as X-ray Tomography (pdf)

Mitchell Brüderlin
P2002 A Death-Dealing Bacterial Nanomachine

Josh André Zuber
P2003 Nanoscale quantum sensing of complex spin systems in extreme environments (pdf)

Martin Heinrich
P2004 Local Manipulation of Spin Domains in a Multiferroic Rashba Semiconductor (pdf)

Piotr Jasko
P2005 Transmembrane protein-mediated loading of synthetic compartments (pdf)

Ajmal Roshan
P2006 RESTRAIN – Reticular Chemistry at Interfaces as a Form of Nanotechnology (pdf)

Shichao Jia
P2007 Development of nanoscale acoustic tweezers for mechanobiology application (pdf)

Luca Forrer
P2008 Scanning Nanowire Quantum Dot (pdf)

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