2020 begonnen

Andri Fränkl
P1901 Microfluidics to Study Huntington’s Disease by Visual Proteomics (pdf)

Fabian Züger
P1902 Directional 3D nanofiber network to mimic in-vivo myocardial syncytium towards guiding contraction patterns in in-vitro heart models (pdf)

Antonia Ruffo
P1903 Neutron nanomediators for non-invasive temperature mapping of fuel cells (pdf)

Melissa Carrillo
P1904 Revealing Protein Binding Dynamics Using Time-Resolved Diffraction Experiments at SwissFEL (pdf)

Lukas Schneider
P1905 Magnetic force microscopy with nanowire transducers (pdf)

Iris Martyn
P1906 Machine learning assisted design of heteromeric self-assembled molecular capsules (pdf)

Gian-Luca Schmid
P1907 Spin-opto-nanomechanics (pdf)

Annika Huber
P1908 Chiral Recognition in Molecular Nanowires from Square-Planar Platinum(II) Complexes (pdf)